EQ Leadership Formula Model

Our EQ Leadership Formula Model has been developed through extensive experience and research. Rooted in neuroscience and mindfulness, it ensures lasting behavioural change.


©Sue Belton & Anne Taylor 2021

The Four Quadrants

Self-Aware Leaders:
are conscious of their emotions, know their “stuff” - what’s important to them, what drives them, and what limits them.

Socially-Aware Leaders:
are empathetic, able to identify and understand the signals, emotions, differences and drivers of others and situations.


Self-Managing Leaders:
effectively manage their emotions, are able to respond not react, and are flexible in the face of change.

Relationship-Managing Leaders:
skilfully adapt, deal with difficulties and motivate to rally others behind them and take people along with them.

The Four Cornerstones

Full ownership means taking responsibility for your role in any interaction including how you react.

Compassion for yourself and others leads to more focus, motivation, and higher achievement.


By prioritising your well-being and being mindful, you are more self-aware and hence able to self-manage.

Making conscious choices means you have an intentional impact on others, the situation and the business.

©Sue Belton & Anne Taylor 2021