You & your people

Who you are

As an HR Professional or Leader, you want to confidently face  the challenges ahead and proactively support, develop and retain your people and be an  ‘employer of choice.’ You and your leaders are smart, technically excellent and have been resilient in this difficult time. You know more is needed to perform through this next phase, and that EQ or ‘soft skills’ are integral to success. 



  • You’re worried about your employees’  well-being, stress levels and mental health.
  • You’re seeing emotional outbursts, lack of patience and overwhelm and increased absenteeism.
  • Emotional fatigue and exhaustion are commonplace.
  • Now leaders need to have new levels of understanding, empathy and patience for their people while also dealing with their own emotional fatigue.
Avoiding Difficult Conversations

Avoiding Difficult Conversations

  • There are pockets of minimal collaboration,  low trust, silos and avoidance of challenging conversations.
  • Leaders and managers are reluctant to give and receive feedback, ‘tell’ rather than coach resulting in less engagement and empowerment.
  • More ‘difficult conversations’ are needed,  for more effective decision-making, greater influencing, authenticity and cohesion.

Rigidity +

  • There’s a relentless pace, constant change;  processes and people are not adapting fast  enough.
  • Practices and mindsets need to be more agile.
  • Decision making and bureaucracy stall innovation.
  • Leaders feel pressure to hit targets, all while addressing the macro issues of climate,  sustainability, pandemics and inclusion.
  • You risk falling behind the competition and ruining your reputation.

Why work with us?

What you get

You will confidently face the challenges ahead and proactively support, develop and retain your people as an ‘employer of choice’. You and your leaders lead with empathy and understanding and fully motivate and inspire others. Everyone feels happier and more fulfilled. You and your leaders drive greater performance personally, for others and the organisation.  


Resilience +

  • Your employees’ well-being, stress levels and mental health are all improved.
  • There’s greater emotional regulation,  improved patience, and more focus leading to greater fulfilment and productivity.
  • Your leaders and managers have understanding and are more confident in dealing with emotions.
  • They have greater levels of empathy,  patience, and emotional regulation.
Avoiding Difficult Conversations

Having Difficult Conversations

  • You’re seeing open and constructive conversations, improved trust and higher collaboration.
  • Issues are being addressed positively,  disagreements resolved and relationships are better.
  • People are giving/receiving genuine feedback resulting in increased confidence and competence.
  • There is more curiosity, greater influencing skills, and higher levels of authenticity.

Agile +

  • Decision making and processes expedite and advance problem-solving and innovation.
  • Mindsets become growth-oriented.
  • People are open-minded and people-focused.  People have the freedom to act, take more risks, make mistakes, learn quickly and adapt and flex.
  • The organisation becomes faster, more nimble, outpacing the competition and being seen as the company and employer of choice.

What we offer

Our EQ Leadership offerings are born out of our joint passion for emotional intelligence, neuroscience and mindfulness and the dramatic, positive cumulative impact they have on people,  in businesses and in the world at large.


Potential topics covered

All offerings are a blend of theory, experiential, reflection and pragmatism to address all 4 learning styles and neuroscience to embed the learning.

Self Awareness: 

  • Achievement orientation/driving high performance
  • Emotional literacy
  • Values/Drivers
  • Emotional self-awareness  e.g. impatience, frustration

Social Awareness:

  • Empathy
  • Reading the signals from others/in the room
  • Understanding people – their emotions, circumstances & differences
  • Recognising what is not being said

Self Management:

  • Adaptability
  • Emotional regulation e.g. stress management
  • Self-compassion
  • Maintaining composure

Relationship Management:

  • Influencing and adapting to others
  • Conflict management/difficult conversations
  • Coaching behaviours e.g. listening, questioning
  • Giving and receiving feedback

The process

How we work together

Once we have had a conversation and determined we are a fit to work together then we will commence this process:


  • Discuss your organisational/business objectives.
  • Clarify together your core leadership challenges to be addressed through the programme.
  • Identify the degree of measurement wanted for the programme’s impact.

Diagnostics can include the following depending on need, data, budget:

  • Back-office data – engagement, employee turnover
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Employee surveys and/or EQ assessment tool
  • Focus groups


Discuss and detail the specific elements of our model, offerings and areas of focus that best suit your needs and objectives. You will receive a detailed proposal with a variety of options reflecting various investment levels and outcomes.


Deliver the programme and offerings, adapted during delivery to the needs of participants where relevant.


Foster accountability for practical application of tools, models and learnings in the field, back at work with homework, practice and experiments.


Conduct pre and post measurement and feedback as standard.
ROI measurement as per agreement in the IDENTIFY step above.
“Emotional Intelligence training can yield a 1484% return on investment for organisations”1

1 Spencer, L.M. “The Economic Value of Emotional Intelligence Competencies and EIC-Based HR programs.” San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2000